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We are a local provider of high-quality baby item rentals serving families in Eastern Ontario. We believe in creating a circular-economy for baby items to make high-quality items more accessible to all while diverting baby waste from landfill.

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Why rent?

In a world where everything we want is at the click of a mouse, why not just buy everything you need?


Save money

Babies are expensive! 84% of the 123 parents we surveyed responded that they agree or strongly agree to this statement. Their adorable little bodies and brains outgrow items very quickly, so the many seemingly necessary items add up. With many items only being used between 1-4 months, you can save money by paying only a fraction of what the item costs new.


Declutter your space

No one wants a house full of plastic clutter.  With babies developmental stages being so brief, it is easy to collect way too much stuff.  Rather than find space to store all the items you need, why not rent them only for the period of time which they are in use?


Reduce waste

Renting baby gear creates a circular economy in which the same item can be used by and benefit multiple families.  By investing in high-quality items we can prolong the use of them while decreasing the environmental impact.  These items are often made from more sustainable sources such as wood or natural fibers, which can be recycled or repurposed more easily.


Low commitment

With the vast amount of baby gear out there knowing what to purchase can be overwhelming.  Avoid the far-too-common situation of spending a fortune on something that your baby hates by trialing these items first through renting. We’ve got some big ticket items so that you can try it out to see if its a good fit before taking the plunge.


It’s easier

You no longer need to spend your time researching every item and then shopping for it. We’ve already put in the work looking into high-quality items, asking local parents what they are looking for and getting those items.  With local delivery and pickup available, it can save you time and stress.


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